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" This is probably the least expensive house you’ve sold all year…and yet you and your staff have treated Joe and I the same as if we had purchased a mansion! " {...} More

" My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Chip, Helen-Ann and Heather for the past several months in finding our perfect seashore home. " {...} More

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The goal of the Jersey Shore Real Estate Experts to make people's dreams of owning a shore home a reality, to help families build wealth through real estate and allowing our clients to build wonderful memories with their family and friends. We offer the industry's best property search site available and pride ourselves in listening to our clients wants and desires in a second home. We work incredibly hard for our clients, we earn your trust, and as a result, will never make promises that we cannot keep. It is our goal to make your experience enjoyable, stress free and painless. We achieve this by using the "team" concept. Each person on our team has a certain role and specialty to handle every facet of your purchase or sale with true expert advice and guidance.

1 out of 3 people share in the same dream, Do you? Did you know that Every 7 seconds a baby boomer is turning 50 ,(There are 84 million baby boomers) reaching their peak earning, investing, & buying years. Did you know that right now, One in four boomers in the U.S. has a second home, and the typical vacation home buyer was 52 years old, earned $82,800 and purchased a property that is within 300 miles away from their primary residence. For most people, a view of water from your house is the greatest achievement in life. Many people's idea of a dream home involves more than just the house itself. In today’s world, wouldn’t you want a better quality of life for you and your family? Owning a home on the beach is a luxury most people never know and beach front property is becoming scarcer and scarcer. Can you imagine not achieving that dream of a second home? The things you planned that never happened, unfilled memories lost and not accomplished. The disappointment could end up shorting your life or even kill you!

We too share your dream of owning a home near the beach. Before you put your life long dreams in the hands of an amateur, contact us for the 5 things you must know before buying a second home or vacation residence. Don’t your family’s dreams deserve expert guidance?

If we are truly near the lows in the value of our real estate and water front and homes with water views will hold the best values, wouldn’t it make sense to invest in a beach home now? The Cape May area is located within 300 miles of 30 million people, 30% of the nation’s population! This creates an enormous demand pool for a limited area of beach in the Jersey Shore area. Why would you want to miss out on this amazing time to build family memories and wealth at the same time?

So many of our clients have told us that they should have bought years earlier and that finally buying was the best decision they ever made. I wonder how many people reading this today will tell me the same thing five or ten years from now?